Dental Microscope

In the past, dentists typically examined patients using loupes with up to 4.5X magnification. Jim Peck uses a microscope with up to 15X magnification.

Use of a microscope helps Dr. Peck get a much closer view of the work he’s doing. This translates into more precise treatment and better results.

Dental Laser

Jim Peck uses a dental laser for many treatments. Mostly for trimming and shaping gum tissue. This is useful for fitting and maintaining crowns, or shaping the gums for aesthetics when veneers are applied.

The dental laser can also be used in the place of a drill. It can remove decay and shape the tooth, all with very little use of anesthetics.

Intraoral Camera

Ever wondered why a dentist grimaced or why their eyes got really big when they looked into your mouth? Jim Peck can show a person what’s going on in their mouth by using his intraoral camera. Patients are able to see cavities, cracked or broken teeth, fillings or crowns that are loose or leaking, and more.

The intraoral camera is a very useful tool for patients to actually see their issues and why a particular treatment is being recommended.

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are faster, more precise, and expose patients to about 70% less radiation as compared to traditional film x-rays. With this technology, patients are able to see, along with Dr. Peck, exactly what is happening with their teeth and understand, more clearly, a recommended treatment.