Invest In: Tooth Colored Restorations

Suffering through external damage or cavities from gum disease can be a serious blow to your dental health and your personal image. While it’s very easy to disregard oral hygiene issues such as this and fall into the trap of “dealing with it,” we have a much safer option that can solve everything within a few appointment days. Tooth Colored Restorations help our patients much more in the long run – read on to see why. We believe in procedures that are safe and lasting. Here’s why you should invest in our Tooth Colored Fillings procedure.

The First Appointment. After a […] Read more

How to Properly Brush Your Teeth

When it comes to Oral Hygiene, proper brushing seems like the big elephant in the room. It’s increasingly less talked about because simple priorities such as brushing your teeth just aren’t completed. Despite this apparent lack of concern, 3 out of 4 adults over the ages of 35 are infected with gum disease. With that fact alone, brushing and flossing everyday shouldn’t seem like a huge task. Regardless, Oral Hygiene should remain one of the top priorities in your overall health, as it affects your image and body. Even then, just scrubbing your teeth begrudgingly won’t do you any good, […] Read more

A Beautiful Smile

There are many reasons why patients want to whiten their teeth. Some patients could potentially have a work event, photo shoot, other engagements where looks are necessary, or they just want to possess that beautiful smile. Many of our patients have looked into the mirror and were unsatisfied with their brown or yellow looking smile. However, they’ll make the mistake of seeking out expensive dental work. Obtaining that beautiful smile is closer, and less expensive, than you may think, and receiving it is just one goal Smile New Braunfels wants you to have. Today we want to share with you […] Read more

Smile New Braunfels Tech


The mission of Smile N.B. has always been to improve oral hygiene and create better smiles for all of New Braunfels. We provide our patients with  teeth whitening, bonding, fillings, and more. Treating our patients, and getting to the cause of their problems would not be possible without the technology that assists us. Smile New Braunfels makes use of technology in the professional arena to assist in giving you the smile you deserve.

Dental Microscope. Traditionally, Dentists would use ‘loupes’ to examine a patient’s teeth. It’s in our experience that we find using the microscope much more effective. The Dental Microscope […] Read more

Sleep Apnea Treatment & Dental Veneers

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Anyone at any age can suffer from Sleep Apnea. This disorder stops you from breathing during a long night’s rest and keeps oxygen from reaching your brain. This can occur hundreds of times during a single night if left untreated. Those with Sleep Apnea are told they need a big, bulky, unfriendly device referred to as the Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machine, AKA: the CPAP machine. Due to its uncomfortable nature, many decide to only wear the machine sporadically or simply neglect it. However, we make it comfortable and possible for you to still receive treatment.

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Everyone needs to care about their oral health. For women, specific cycles affect their oral health significantly. Hormonal changes occur in females which exaggerate the way in which gums react to plaque. Many women realize they have gum disease at its advanced state since it is usually painless. A gum disease is a bacterial disease that gets into the bloodstream and cause other health complications like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, respiratory problems and pregnancy outcomes.

Here are the common things women need to know regarding their dental health.

Pregnancy can impact your health

It is pregnancy itself that impact on the oral hygiene […] Read more


Do you feel like the appearance of your upper teeth is overshadowed with excessive gum tissue whenever you smile? People have different opinions when a smile shows much gums. Some claim that it is attractive while others say that it negatively affects the facial aesthetics. A pleasant smile is regarded as a symbol of beauty and well-being in the present time. There are many factors can influence your smile aesthetics but below are the causes of gummy smiles.

Abnormal teeth eruption. This is one of the most common factors that cause a gummy smile. When teeth are covered by excessive gum […] Read more


Dietary habits usually play a role in your oral health. According to the National Eating Disorders Association, millions of people are currently affected by serious eating disorders. Although anyone can suffer from an eating disorder, teenagers and young adult women are the most affected. The most common eating disorders are anorexia and bulimia. These disorders have varying effects on your oral health and may cause tooth decay, soft palate damage, dry mouth and much more.

Bulimia as an eating disorder is characterized by an individual’s repeated self-induced vomiting after eating excessive amounts of food. The continuous vomiting causes the stomach acid […] Read more


Also known as the gum disease or periodontitis, periodontal disease is an inflammatory condition that commonly affects the soft tissues which support the tooth. When not treated on time, the disease may affect the jawbone as well. It starts off as gingivitis, a bacterial infection on your gum tissue before advancing further when the infection has completely colonized the gum pockets between your teeth.

Periodontitis is a progressive condition that, if not treated on time, will destroy your jawbone and the connective tissue. It may result in loose teeth, shifting teeth, and tooth loss. As a matter of fact, this condition […] Read more


Have your teeth ever felt loose occasionally? Did you choose to ignore it? This is something most people experience when brushing their teeth or even when eating. In most cases, you may experience it during the morning hours before your teeth “tighten up” gradually as the day goes on. The sensation is an indication of some dental problem and should never be ignored. It is, therefore, important to discuss the condition with your dentist for proper treatment.

What causes loose teeth?

The most common cause of loose teeth in adults is oral trauma. When an oral trauma occurs, it causes the small […] Read more